Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia

✔️ საზღვაო ტრანსპორტის სააგენტო/Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia, in cooperation with the სახელმწიფო სერვისების განვითარების სააგენტო / psda (State Services Development Agency) have signed the contract on the establishment of brand new, tailor made, bilingual (Ge-EN) State E-registry of Ships under Georgian 🇬🇪 flag.

✔️ New E-Registry, enables more distance services and reduces human factor related errors during the certification process of Ships.

✔️ New database contains the brand new module for Registrar Agents enabling 24/7, distance, internet based services for shipowners.

✔️ Recent amendments to the Maritime Code of Georgia created institutional basis for the introduction of Registrar Agents. Agents or RegAgents are the authorized persons throughout the globe, having direct access to the provisional certification process under Georgian flag. New E-registry introduces so called authorization tree in the decision making process, in other words, no certificate can be issued unless e-authorization from the head office is granted to RegAgents.

✔️ New E-database contains Online Verification process, thus making easy access to the records of State E-Registry via web-page:

✔️ Full access to the new E-registry will be available by the end of October, 2016.

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