Batumi Declaration

Batumi Declaration



Sailing Towards The Roaring Twenties

Batumi, Georgia September 13, 2018

Two thirds of the surface of our planet is covered by water; indeed the blue planet. Our oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers are major sources of life, food, and jobs. Responsible management of these essential global resources is key to sustainable future.

Maritime transport is essential for the development of global trade and sharing of wealth and resources. Safe, secure, efficient and clean maritime transportation is fundamental for the attainment of most of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The coming decade presents formidable challenges and opportunities that can make or break and, sailing through them is a challenge in itself.

WE, PARTICIPANTS of the Georgia International Maritime Forum 2018, held in the port city of Batumi under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Georgia H.E. Mr Mamuka Bakhtadze

HAVING GATHERED today at this high level meeting led by Prime Minister Bakhtadze and the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization H.E. Mr Kitack Lim, attended by the officials from international organisations, governments, the industry, shipping and environmental bodies, to discuss the critical need of ensuring healthy oceans, development of a sustainable blue economy, the role of major partnerships and international collaborations and, the action required for the attainment of these goals;

WELCOMING the efforts and achievements of the international maritime community since GIMF2016, including activities of national and international dimension;

NOTING that sixty per cent of the oceans are outside national jurisdiction, thus imply a shared international responsibility to maintain healthy, productive, safe, and secure oceans;

ACKNOWLEDGING the wisdom behind the theme of World Oceans Day 2018: Our oceans, our future: partnering for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14, as well as the theme of World Maritime Day 2018, IMO 70: Our Heritage – Better Shipping for a Better Future;

RECALLING that 2018 marks the seventieth anniversary from the adoption of the IMO Convention and the sixtieth anniversary from its entry into force, the critical landmark that led to the adoption of global high standards for safety and security of life at sea and environmentally sound shipping;

WELCOMING initiatives such as that of the European Commission to set up the Facility for Blue Growth in the Black Sea that aims to support maritime cooperation between the Black Sea coastal states for sustainable blue growth in the region and to identify sources and policy approaches for a more sustainable blue economy;

REAFFIRMING that States, in their capacity as flag, port and coastal States, have obligations and responsibilities under applicable international law in respect to maritime safety, security and protection of the marine environment, the development of safe, secure, efficient and environmentally friendly maritime transportation, and facilitation of global trade and connectivity, as well as to implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development;

UNDERSCORE that sustainable maritime transportation has a crosscutting role, as an important enabler for most of the SDGs, fostering world trade, human development, economic growth and prosperity;

RECOGNISE the commitment of the IMO and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to deepen cooperation and establish a partnership, aiming to facilitate sustainable maritime transport, exchange of know-how and experience and work together with the partner governments, has high potential to further promote fair, effective and sustainable maritime industry;

EMPHASISE that ensuring cleaner shipping, cleaner air and clear oceans as the common heritage of humankind is one of the most pressing challenges of the maritime community, and in this regard, WELCOME recently adopted Initial IMO Strategy on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships and entry into force of the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention;

SUPPORT the theme of World Maritime Day 2019 in support of gender equality and the empowerment of women in the maritime sector, including providing access to specialised training, promoting economic self-reliance and, improving employment opportunities for women at the decision-making levels in the port and maritime sectors;

EMPHASISE FURTHER that these goals cannot be achieved without concerted action by all stakeholders engaged in the maritime sector at national, regional and international levels, and thus WELCOME the fostering of the concept of maritime clusters;

WELCOME the Georgia International Maritime Forum as a biannual project providing attractive platform to take stock of achievements and reflect on major maritime issues through innovative approaches and effective communication with all stakeholders;

ACKNOWLEDGE the successful organisation of series of important thematic gatherings and events on the margins of the GIMF2018 and thus, SUPPORT to maintain this tradition for the future;

FURTHER ACKOWLEDGE the friendly working atmosphere and efforts of Georgia as the host country to promote collaboration between countries, regions and continents and between the public and private stakeholders;

ENCOURAGE a continuous active dialogue on blue growth, healthy marine ecosystems and sustainable shipping and other critical issues;

STRESS the critical importance of technical cooperation activities and sharing of expertise and experiences at all levels;

URGE the dynamic development of the Georgia International Maritime Forum into a mosaic of gatherings and events in pursuit of the fulfillment of these goals, capped biennially by an event that would present an opportunity for a strategic progress analysis and recommendation for follow up action to address shortcomings and new challenges and opportunities, thereby fostering further international and inter regional cooperation and public private partnership for a successful sailing through the roaring twenties.

This BATUMI DECLARATION was adopted by acclamation at the Georgia International Maritime Forum 2018 this thirteenth day of September 2018.